Preschool Policies

Welcome to Carden Conservatory Preschool

Here is some information to remember for the year:

*Please make sure you sign your child in and out daily using your full signature (this is required by licensing).



*Check your child’s file and cubby daily. Their file is located on the teacher’s parent table.

*We start the academic day at 9:00am. If your child comes after 9:00, please take them to the bathroom and quietly direct them to their classroom.

*When someone new picks your child up, please be sure they are on the emergency card. Please let them know that we will ask to see their driver’s license or picture I.D.

*Parents picking up anytime after 6:00pm are subject to a $1.00 per minute late fee to be given to the closing teacher.


We have the responsibility to guard the health of all the children in our program, as well as considering where the ill child will feel most comfortable. For these reasons we ask that you keep your child home if he or she is sick. The rule of thumb is that a child should be free of symptoms of illness for at least 24 hours before returning to school. With certain illnesses we will require a doctor’s note of clearance before the child will be permitted to return to school. It is at the discretion of the preschool staff and administration to determine when a sick child may return to school. We thank you for your cooperation in guarding all the students’ health.

Administration of Medication

The parent or guardian of any student needing medication (whether prescription or over the counter) during the school day is required by law to provide a written form from a physician detailing the method, dosage, and time schedules for administering medication along with written parent or guardian consent. Please ask the Preschool Director for a medication form if your child will need medication while at school.


*Due to limited space in the fridge, we cannot store children’s lunches. Please plan accordingly and pack ice packs in your child’s lunch box.

*Please make sure frozen lunches are thawed before packing them in your child’s lunchbox.

*Hot lunch can be purchased for $7.50 per day as long as they are purchased in advance.

*Please do not put any candy in your child’s lunch. Children will not be allowed to eat it and it will be sent home.

*Please be sure to include a drink for your child.

*If you bring a sippy cup for your child, please write their name on it.

Nap Time

*Please send your child with a fitted crib sheet and blanket in a plastic box for nap. You can also send a small pillow or stuffed animal as long as they fit into their nap box. Nap boxes must be 16x11x5!

*Nap boxes should be taken home every Friday and washed and returned the following Monday.

*If your child uses extra sheets from the preschool, please return the sheets washed by the following day.


*Each child must have an extra change of clothes (shirt, pants/shorts, socks and underwear). These items may be sent in a backpack or placed in the bottom of your child’s cubby.

*For the safety of the children, please make sure to properly close the preschool gate upon entering and exiting the preschool. Please do not allow the children to close the gate.

*The preschool street gate will be locked at 9am. Any students dropped off after 9am will need to go through the main office to access the alternate preschool gate.

*Children will not be allowed to bring in any personal toys. Please leave them at home or in the car!!!

*Children must come to school in the proper Carden uniforms!!! Please do not allow the children to come to school wearing costumes or dress up clothes, as it is very difficult to have the children change into their uniforms at school.